#FoodFriday Recipe for oatmeal

#FoodFriday Recipe for oatmeal

To make breakfast as nutritional and tasty as possible for our riders, Team LottoNL-Jumbo’s chef, Jesper Boom, has created his own twist to a healthy oatmeal recipe. It is not hard at all to prepare and it’s easy to combine with all sorts of tasty ingredients. The base of the recipe is as follows:


1 part oatmeal. 250 grams

2 parts milk or 500 ml. almond milk, soymilk or water.


I usually heat the fluid until it’s almost at its boiling point. Then I add the oatmeal, which I cook, while stirring, until it has the right thickness. Note: if you leave the oatmeal, it will continue thickening. But it’s easy to add some fluid to get the thickness out,” Jesper explains.


Once you’ve done this, the base is done. Then it’s time to add all kinds of tasty things to add some more flavor.


Tips from Jesper:


- Honey.

- Agave syrup.

- Dried fruits.

- Fresh fruits such as, blue berries, red fruits, etc.

- Chocolate spread.

- Peanut butter.

- Nut spread.

- Lemon or lime juice or rind.

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